What You Should Talk About on the Second Date?

As your first date is followed by a second one, your personalities are beginning to show. A nervous laughter becomes great sense of humor, the facts you’ve heard about your date’s life will become a story of a life. This can be also the moment of disillusion: the funny person you had such a great time at your first date starts to seem obsessive and annoying.

The second date must be taken as the next step on a journey toward getting someone better. You shouldn’t be seeing in your second date the future husband or potential father of your kids: just listen and try to get to know him better.

Your communication will move from the neutral territory of your first date to more personal things: work, family, hometown. You should avoid talking about really personal, sensitive issues that only your best friends know. It is only a second date, and who knows if there will be a third meeting. Second date is also good to continue the things you were talking about on your first date.

You can also test the compatibility, to make sure you and your date match. Your attention should move from how he/she looks, acts and talks to the kind of personality your date has. A second date is also good to listen to what your date likes and dislikes.

Sex should still be avoided, but you can continue flirting. There’s nothing more intimate than gazing into each other’s eyes. Don’t stare, but don’t refuse the connection with your partner’s soul thorough the eyes.

As the second date is about being more intimate, developing a more profound relationship and flirting a bit more, you should definitely pick a quiet place like a small restaurant, a cafĂ©, a park or a museum. A bar with noisy music, a film festival or your parent’s house is not very inspired choices for a second date. Anyway, you should try something different from the first date.

Second date is largely influenced by the first date, and by the things that happened between the two. If you were chatting all week on the phone after the first date, your second date will look much different then if you called your date the first time after a week. If between your first and second date passed two weeks or more, your second date will feel more like the first.

There are several simple things to decide about your second date. There are no written rules about these issues, so do as you think it’s right. Reading the body language of your date will help a lot in deciding about these issues. First, do you want to kiss on the lips or on the cheek your date? Should you hold your date’s hand? Is it OK to talk about the first date, or you should stick to the present? And how expensive should the restaurant be?


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