Matchmaking and Dating Tips For Women – Get Ready, Get Set, and Go Get Him!

The Overview
Dating can turn into endless cycles that lead to nowhere but if dating for marriage, dating takes on a new form. When commitment is involved, a new approach must be taken. I stress to not get uptight about dates or push too hard, but I also recognize that you are on a mission. Here’s a clue to how to prepare for a date: blow him away with your beauty and charm. It’s important to always keep trying especially when you’ve met Mr. Right. This can also be useful for those of you coming out of a relationship in the urge to start over. The effort does not stop when you get a ring on your finger. In fact, it is only just beginning.

You’ve laid down the groundwork, put yourself out there, and made drastic changes in your life, appearance and attitude. Now, it’s finally happened; a man (or maybe even multiple men) has asked you out on a date. Congratulations! The anticipation of a first date can be very exciting but also can raise a lot of emotions such as fear, anxiety, and overwhelming joy-especially if you are hoping this date might turn into forever. Focusing on this idea alone though, could sabotage a perfectly nice evening. If you indulge in this fantasy, that your entire future is depending on this one meeting, then you will be a nervous wreck. Also, he will be able to spot your desperation the second you meet. I have seen intelligent, sophisticated women put too much pressure on the first date. First thing to remember: it’s only a date! Lighten up.

Your Date
Circumstances in which you meet a particular man will most definitely determine how you should respond to him and when he asks you on a date. Once an in-person encounter has been set, it’s a good idea to plan something that isn’t too open-ended and that takes place in a crowded place. That’s why I am against a walk in the park for a first date. If he asks you to dinner, suggest lunch or drinks instead. This will be less costly to him and less awkward to end. If you meet for lunch or cocktails, and your initial impression of him turns out to be quite the opposite, you can relax, be polite, and know the date has a defined end. Lunch makes it easy to say that you need to get back to the office for example. Even a Saturday lunch gives you the chance to make up an excuse like, “I promised my Aunt Laura that I’d take her shopping at 3 p.m.” If a date comes through someone you know well though, you can be a bit more open about when and where you meet especially if you trust the person who has made the introduction. Just remember, it is his job to ask you on the date, and if his suggestion doesn’t sit right with you, politely suggest something else. Give yourself plenty of time too! Don’t accept for the next day, accept only at least one week in advance so you don’t seem too anxious and more importantly, so you have time to prepare!

Be You
When you arrange to meet a blind date, even if he has seen pictures of you before, you will probably have to tell him what you’ll be wearing. So therefore, make sure you wear that outfit! Don’t think you can show up in another outfit to “spy” on him and then leave if you don’t like what you see. It’s rude, mean, and dishonest.

The First Date Hair
I tell every one of my clients to get their hair washed and blown out before a big date. A blow-out should enhance your natural style and make you hair shiny and vivacious. Before a big date is not the time to try something new! No short haircuts, no funny colors, or weird hair ornaments. Meeting for lunch during the week? Make the time-it should take no more than half an hour.


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