How to Use Proper Date Etiquette – Grab Their Attention With Your Dating Courtesy

You have established a first date with that cutie you were eyeing. How do you make sure that date goes well? Dating etiquette can help with that. First of all, if you are a man you should expect to pay for the date. Also, you can ask your date if they mind you opening doors for her or pulling out her chain. This way there are no awkward moments when she steals the door handle from you. If you are a woman and would prefer to pay for the date or to split it equally, tell your date beforehand.

How to make your date a success mostly boils down to respecting your date. That starts first with hygiene. Look good by wearing appropriate clothes for the venue and by making sure your hair is brushed. Anyone who is dating should smell good too. Remember to brush your teeth and put on deodorant. Don’t go overboard with the cologne or perfume. You only need a dab or two if any at all. If you are going to be late, let your date know as soon as you do. However, you should do your best to be on time to your date. This will show your company that you respect them and their time.

During your date you should pay attention to the person you are talking with. It is rude to check out the other singles when you already have a date. Eye contact is good not only to make a connection, but also to show that you are listening. Eye contact is important in all parts of dating. When it is your turn to speak don’t spend too long on yourself. Remember to ask questions about the other person, this does not include the obvious “How are you?” Also, don’t bring up past girlfriends or boyfriends. Learning the basics of each other’s beliefs is a good idea. However, debating on the first date is typically a bad thing.

Drinks typically go hand in hand with dating. Though, you need to know your limit. How are you going to get a second date if you can’t remember the first one? Certain behaviors that are not influenced by alcohol are inappropriate for first dates as well. Avoid cursing and disrespectful commentary during your date. If you like to have control of everything, try keeping that part of yourself under control for the first date or two. Get to know your date and let them get to know you. This means that you need to be yourself and not lie about who you are just to look better in front of your date.


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