Great Expectations About Online Dating

With the ever increasing popularity of online dating services, it comes as no surprise that many people have high expectations about meeting their soul mate or perfect companion over the Internet. But expecting great online matches and actually realizing them are two entirely different things. This article provides a realistic look at what you can anticipate if considering using dating websites and just as important, what not to expect.

What Type of Dating Website is Best for You?

The most honest and reasonable answer is: it depends. There are thousands of Internet based dating services available, both free and paid for. But your preferences may not be gay or lesbian dating sites, Christian dating services, senior dating sites or adult oriented dating matching. However, you may be interested in them but you obviously must still be equally careful in your selection.

Each person has their own preferences and you should know what you are looking for before you sign up with any dating website. This will save you from possibly being disappointed in the future.

Know What You Want from any Online Dating Service

It is strongly suggested that you create a list of the desirable characteristics that you seek to have in a partner, in as much detail as possible. Based on these attributes, it will render it much easier to narrow down your search of potential online dating websites that are aligned with your preferences.

You should be completely honest with yourself, because if you are not, the person you could meet may not even approach your expectations and you may possibly become discouraged.

What Details to Include in your List of Desirable Characteristics

  • Intimacy intentions (friend, lover, marriage)
  • Sexuality (straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian)
  • Location (local, national, global)
  • Religious orientation (Christian, Islamic, Muslim, Jewish)
  • Marital status (single, separated, divorced, widowed)
  • Children (yes, no, maybe, depends)
  • Occupation (professional, does not matter, retired)
  • Financial status (stable, rich, irrelevant)
  • Hobbies and interests (music, sports, entertainment)
  • Physical preferences (thin, muscular, unimportant)

Based on your above list of criteria, you should be able to find a site that addresses your personal preferences by searching for the most relevant details. This may require you to peruse through multiple dating websites until you discover one to your satisfaction.

Understand what Potential Date Matches will be Seeking

The variations in what people seek with respect to online dating can be almost overwhelming at first. This is why it is extremely important to understand and specify exactly what you are looking for. The characteristics you seek in a person should be aligned with those that are also searching for someone like you.

Even so, there is one fundamental trait that spans the wide spectrum of dating preferences. This is honesty and someone reviewing your dating profile will assume that you are being truthful in every manner.

To discount this and lie in your personal profile is only inviting difficulty in dating further down the line as you become more involved with a potential match. Most everyone desires honesty in a relationship, but to receive this you must also provide it. Hiding the truth about yourself will not help in your online dating experiences and possibly reduce your chances of success.

Be Reasonable with your Dating Expectations

There are many variables that should be considered regarding online dating websites, but the most important aspects begin with what you desire and how you present yourself.

Aside from this, the quality of the dating website, the subscribers to it, and how they interact with each other are also important. Take your time in reviewing and selecting an appropriate dating site that is best for you.

The real and hidden purpose of any Internet dating service is not just that you find a date, but rather that you end up with your ideal partner. Regardless of your expectations about dating online, they should be balanced with concerns about what you truly seek, the quality of the dating site, and a degree of caution and sensibility on your part. If you follow these suggestions, it is much more likely that you will find what you are seeking.


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