First Date Secrets That Sizzle

Committing to first dating isn’t easy. No one wants to experience the fanatical feelings the stress of a first date can cause so some just don’t do it. Some singles venturing out on dates are relieved to just get back home without any major glitch, while settling for nothing less than high energy first dates is a requirement for others.

I’m not recommending that anyone step too far beyond their boundaries but for those who dare to venture out a bit I say, ‘there’s gold in them there hills! And that gold requires that you show up for your date with a little sizzle in your step. Yes, show up with the snap, the crackle, and the hissss.

Here’s some hot tips to help you to first relax and then to create some sizzle on your first date.

1) Get Excited: Before you even meet up with your date get excited in anticipation of this great event. Visualize how great you and your date will look together as well as every aspect of your date from her sensuous attire to the scent of his sexy cologne.

And smile, smile, smile. It’s a part of your attire that you should never leave home without. There’s something absolutely sexy about a happy, smiling date and you’ll also be sending off some sizzling happy vibes. Setting the stage for a fun time starts happening way before the two of you ever even meet.

2) Dress to Impress: Yes, dress for the sizzling success of your date. As a first dater, give your date a taste of how refreshingly sizzling you can be. You want your look to show that you’re bright, attractive, and downright sizzling!

There are two types of attire you want to avoid wearing on a date whenever possible:

I) Work clothes. Take the time and effort to change out of your work clothes. Change your thinking from work to fun and you’re sure to have a blast. This is a time for fun and most people have a hard enough time getting out of the work mode anyway. A little insurance that you’ll arrive in a good mood is great.

II) Gym gear. There’s just no room for this laid back style on a date. One guy knew his date didn’t put much strategy or effort into her outfit for their date. What were the tale tell signs of this? It really wasn’t difficult to determine how he got the impression that she wasn’t that into the date. She showed up with grungy gym clothes and wet hair. The date would rather have her show up late looking fantastic rather than on time and looking shabby. Show your date you’re happy, fun, and confident by the way you dress. And so, if you’ve got it- flaunt it; in a sizzling way.

3) Listen With Your Body: There is nothing more boring on a date than when you’re sharing something you believe to be exciting but your date, while a great listener, is sitting there practically looking comatose- totally void of expression. It’s really hard to refrain from hopping across the table to…….uhhh….. check if they’re awake. If you’re the listener, lean your body into the direction of your date (no touching unless you want) and create a zone with your body that is both alert and welcoming. It’s really quite effective to lean your body towards your date while listening. This will put them at ease as they talk to you and even create some good chemistry.

Listening with your body means moving your whole being closer to your date and showing that you are really captivated by the conversation. This shows your date that you’re paying attention. Try engaging yourself by shaking your head slightly as you listen. Why not make your dates sizzle each and every time? We don’t always recognize what signal our behavior is sending. Some singles don’t know the proper things to do. They make huge mistakes just because they really don’t know any better. Your future soul mate could be totally turned off by such behavior. Try saying what you mean no matter how difficult. The best way to make sure someone knows how you feel is to show them. If you can’t say it – show it.


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