Dating Online – What Women Should Understand About Men

If you are a woman seeking an online dating experience and hope to find a suitable date match, there are some aspects about men that you should understand. Having knowledge about how the majority of men regard online dating can help you greatly.

Most, but not all men simply think and feel differently from women and this has been endlessly discussed in many books such asĀ Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. These differences are also reflected in attitudes that men have regarding Internet dating. Before addressing these it is important first to understand what most women think about men who desire to date, online or offline.

Attitudes Some Women Have about Men and Dating

As a woman, you may already have some preconceptions about men and what you think they want. If you believe that most men are only interested in seeking a sexual partner for casual encounters, you would likely be wrong, even if your personal experiences suggest otherwise. If you adopt this attitude it will likely work against you and limit your potential opportunities in meeting someone, online or otherwise. Why, because you would not considering men to be trusting and subconsciously repel them.

Regrettably, there is a minority of men who may only be interested in sex and seek a casual relationship. Even so, a quality dating website will have screening mechanisms in place to filter them out so that you never see them as a potential date match. In addition, there is also your intuition to detect those with less than honorable motives.

For women seeking men online, it is suggested that you presume them innocent until any evidence to prove otherwise surfaces. Most men do indeed seek a great relationship, perhaps want a lifelong partner and will even embrace your children. Having a negative attitude about men and their behavior will not help your dating experiences.

Why Men Use Online Dating Services

The answer is that they, just as you, are seeking the right person that will help make them feel better by establishing a rewarding relationship, perhaps even resulting in marriage. Men also have desires and these most likely relate to finding companionship, and of course, sexual intimacy is a desirable advantage, but it is not the sole reason.

Why would any man sign up with an online dating service unless he was serious about meeting someone? The answer is that they are usually very interested in meeting someone but have not found what they are looking for locally.

Perhaps like you, they may be tired of the traditional dating rituals and possibly avoid singles dating establishments because they are simply not suitable for them. If all they wanted was a casual sexual encounter, they can perhaps find this by pursuing other venues.

Why Most Men Do Not Talk About Online Dating

Keep in mind that for the majority of men, signing up for an online dating service is something that they will likely not talk about with their friends. Their male friends may ask questions about how they met that certain woman, but they will likely remain silent or at least be hesitant in discussing it.

If they do admit that they met a particular woman online, they will probably not provide much information about how. But why is this? The answer is simple for most men seeking an online dating relationship, but may confuse some women.

There is a certain amount of pride involved in meeting just the right woman, and in the right way. For a man to admit that he found his girlfriend or date online implies that he could not do it otherwise.

In other words, the attitude adopted by his friends and family may be negative and suggest that he was a failure in dating and had to resort to using the Internet to find an online date. This is simply not true and most men know this but do not admit it.

For a woman, understanding this can be an advantage if you respect their desire for privacy and most importantly act accordingly. This means that although you may be tempted to discuss every dating detail with your best friend, strive to maintain a degree of secrecy, at least perhaps until you establish a true relationship.

Avoid at all costs announcing to others with your date and friends present that you met online unless you have already discussed the issue beforehand with your date. If you do not follow this guideline you risk jeopardizing your new relationship.


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