Date Tips For First Dates

Are you looking for date tips as you begin to date again after a divorce? Perhaps you are an inexperienced dater? Maybe you have been dating a while, but just don’t seem to go from first date to second date or to a relationship?

It is most difficult to get date tips for blind dates. Yet today blind dating is more popular than ever because of the proliferation of online personals. You see an ad, get to communicating and suddenly you are set to meet an almost complete stranger.

How do you get through those very cold, “getting to know you” moments, hours, days or weeks? For some of us date tips are mandatory. That first date or even worse that nasty blind date can be as frightening as making a speech to an audience of a 1,000 people without any clothes on!

How do you avoid being rejected? How do you ease the pressure on you to be liked and appealing?

The answer is simple: intuitive conversation about them. Learning how to talk to your date is the most valuable of all date tips. It can move those first dates from frozen blizzards to fun, fabulous and friendly.

Here Are Some Dating advice for guys :

1. Keep the conversation on your date, personal but not invasive. Get to know this person by asking questions about work, hobbies, children, likes and dislikes.
2. Keep the conversation impersonal. Stay away from questions about ex-wives, ex-relationships or anything that can make the blood boil. Building intimacy is an intuitive art form. Layers of an individual must be pulled off slowly over time. The first date is not the time.
3. Be neutral. If you get on the subject of politics or religion, keep it light and fun. If you like the person you can always get into sharing on these subjects of deep emotional context at a deeper level later.
4. Admire when admiration is due and genuinely felt. Everyone likes to be praised and appreciated. This is probably the most important of all date tips.
5. Keep the questions intuitively conversational, not cold and calculating. Avoid coming off like a reporter for the New York Times during a presidential news conference.
6. Keep your sense of humor. Lighten up, laugh and be merry.
7. No yawning please! Keep it genuine, not manipulative. Ask questions to which you truly are interested in hearing the answers. This will create rapport.
8. Keep your drinking (drugs) to an absolute minimum. This way you will know what your date said and you will avoid trouble. This might seem obvious, but at times it is not.

These date tips will give you several advantages and place you in a position of control over the situation.

1. You will become liked. Your date most probably will enjoy the conversation and want to see you again. This is the first rule of being liked. Remembering someone’s name, asking about their hobbies or children will get you a favorable impression faster than ever bragging about yourself.
2. You can evaluate if you want to see your date again because you will have information.
3. The third thing this will do is allow you to relax about yourself. The date is not all about you impressing this person. When you switch to getting to know them, the spotlight shifts off of you.


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